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„We got Martina on board to help us organizing, structuring and moderating a one day Innovation Workshop with the goal to develop a strategic roadmap for the following years. She was well organized during the workshop and a great contact person while preparing that day! She managed to put herself in each group´s position to give constructive input and help us to develop great concepts. We enjoyed working with her and are happy to recommend Martina as a professional strategic partner!“
Nicole Osse, Brand Management Cremissimo at Unilever D-A-CH, March 2017

„Martina supported us in developing a market entry strategy for a new brand on the German market, into a category where we did not play previously. She helped to develop the right portfolio to be competitive, the pricing strategy as well as the communication strategy. We had a very open and fruitful cooperation throughout the project, and are happy to recommend working with her!“
Lia Hauschke, Brand Management Hot Tea at Unilever D-A-CH, May 2016

„We worked with Martina for a new product development workshop. She brought great experience, good structure as well as flexibility and helped a lot even on last minute requests. She has an excellent way of focusing on what you want to achieve and of visibly capturing the whole range of the conversation. She really helped us to plan well beforehand, to be productive in the workshop and to reflect on what we had learnt afterwards.“
Gabriel Predescu, Global Brand Manager at Unilever, April 2013

„Attributes that characterize Martina and make her clearly stand out compared to other marketeers are intellectual power paired with a broad range of marketing experiences, the combination of a creative mind with a strongly business minded reasoning, and a high level of energy and enthusiasm.
It has been a pleasure working with Martina and I recommend her services.“

Michael Ruethnick, Head of Innovation of South Africa at SAB Miller, Oktober 2012

„Martina is an inspiring person as well as a very structured and challenging Consultant. We are working together on an experimental Innovation process and she has just jumped in with lots of enthusiasm, helping me in crafting a very exciting workshop, building on new ideas with solid background and unusual cleverness, despite she had very few time to learn the problem. It is a pleasure to work with her. I strongly recommend her.“
Antonella Di Donato, Founder and Partner at EvenBetter, August 2010

„I had the pleasure to have Martina moderating/facilitating 6 workshops this year, in 6 different countries. Her previous marketing experience builds up nicely on top of her great facilitating skills – she adapts fast and greatly to different context and environments. The reports are easy to read, and well built. She manages not just to get the ‚job‘ done, but her ‚how‘ is great, along with a great personality that makes her a ‚dream partner‘.“
Patricia Corsi, Vice President Laundry Europe at Unilever, November 2010

„I worked with Martina to craft our Range Architecture for Europe in our brand, and from the preparation to the facilitation of the project she delivered great work, from coordinating us to guide us to take the decisions that were more consumer oriented and common sense. We had a very flexible and fruitful work that now is delivering in the marketplace and our projects, which is the best measure of success of those projects. Thanks Martina for all the good work done.“
Pau Bartoli, Global Brand Development Director Oral Care, Unilever, Dezember 2010

„Thank you Martina for a great cooperation in 2010 on our Market Development project. Martina has a great combination of Strategic Thinking, Marketing Understanding and thorough analytical skills. This paired with very good people skills coming from her experience in working with different organisations makes here a very powerful Marketing Consultant. She can play different parts really well which makes her flexible: she can be a creator (as well as challenger) of strategy but also can be an excellent facilitator. Feel free to contact me should you want to know more.“
Sebastian Poetzscher, Knorr Global Brand Manager at Unilever, Dezember 2010

„We worked together with Martina for brand key development projects. The collaboration was very positive. She is very professional, a good facilitator and has a strong drive for achieving good results.“
Lilian Wassen, Vice President Food Service Europe at Diversey Inc., Februar 2009

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